A calculator built for house hacking

Having trouble analyzing house hack deals? Can’t find an online calculator that actually works for your situation? Our House House Calculator was designed specifically for owner-occupied properties.

Analyze your next house hack

...as your home

What’s your bottom-line cost or cashflow while living in your house hack?

...as an investment

How will your property perform as an investment after you move out?

...vs. renting

We boil all the numbers down to create an apples-to-apples comparison.

House hacking is an amazing strategy for real-estate investors and homebuyers alike.

By buying more house than you need and renting out the extra bedrooms or buying a multifamily property and renting out the other units, you can start your portfolio, lower your cost of living, and supercharge your equity growth all at once.

House hacking is straightforward and simple – except when it comes to analyzing deals. How do you account for living in your investment? Online calculators are written for investments only, not investments that are also a primary residence.

So when I house hacked my duplex, I developed my own analysis strategy and built a new calculator from scratch.

Now I’m happy to share it with the entire House Hack Los Angeles family!

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What makes the House Hack Calculator different is that it analyzes a house hack deal in two ways.

Firstly, the calculator looks at how the house hack will benefit you while it’s your primary residence.

How does it stack up against paying rent? How much equity is being built in the background?

Secondly, the calculator builds a projection for how the property will perform when you move out.

By building a model based on assumed rent increases, tenant turnover, and inflation, you can get a good sense of how the property works as a traditional investment property a couple years down the road.

The calculator answers two more questions every house hacker needs to know: when can I move out and have a cashflowing asset? And, if I’m paying mortgage insurance, when will it end?

Whether you’re in a high-cashflow or appreciation market, from third tier to gateway city, the House Hack Calculator will work for you. It even accounts for rent controlled markets! And ironically, the best markets for house hacking are high-rent, high-cost markets like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

For a full tutorial on how to use the House Hack Calculator, watch this video.

I hope you find the House Hack Calculator as helpful as I did when I made my house hack acquisition.