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House hacking explained
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Homes in LA are impossibly expensive — and that’s if you manage to buy one.

Buying a home in Los Angeles is a soul-crushing endeavor. With prices always on the rise, buyers have to choose between going broke for a house they want or settling for something they don’t want.

And that’s if you’re lucky enough to win the bidding! In this ultra-competitive seller’s market, buyers are routinely ending up empty-handed — and this is the problem we’re here to solve.

At House Hack Los Angeles, we help savvy homebuyers find great deals.

My name is Jon Schwartz. I’m an investor, house hacker, and realtor in Los Angeles.

I started House Hack Los Angeles to help savvy homebuyers and real-estate investors navigate the LA market and find deals that enable long-term wealth creation through rental income and equity growth.

Our aim is for your next home purchase to be the best investment you’ve ever made.

"Jon is a rock star! His focus on house hacks really makes the difference."
Pedro Cardoso
Hacked a duplex in Long Beach

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